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I also have had bouts of diverticulitis for which I have been hospitalized.

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Is there a possibility Protein S deficiency can be linked to their cancers.Blood Clots: DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) victoria1102: Hello Dr.Spiro hematology, and a slew of extra blood work, and he said there is nothing to warrant the clots.Can you explain to me what other things should I be looking for.My question is whether you see patients having lupus anticoagulant syndrome with another disease like, Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD).Hemophilia TimTom25: I have mild Hemophilia and Factor VIII deficiency - I am being evaluated for heart surgery and wonder if a team works with the heart surgeons to decrease any complications I may have for surgery.

Clotter: Are there any studies that a Factor V Leiden mutation carrier can join.My doctor believes I will need to be on this for the rest of my life with monthly blood draws.Like any condition the antiphospholipid syndrome can be progressive but can usually be managed with anticoagulation and aggressive risk factor modification.Some time ago had a DVT but I think it was related to a long trip.Wenn bei Ihnen eine Operation notwendig ist,. (Faktor Xa) im Gerinnungssystem.

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We are generally only concerned if you have a significantly elevated fasting homocysteine level.It is uncertain whether aspirin reduces risk of blood clots related to the filter.In fact we do not routinely test for this in patients with clotting conditions.But - it is true that patients who have an IVC filter are somewhat more likely to develop DVT of the legs. nojoro: Did I understand correctly.I would make sure that you are up to date on age appropriate cancer screening such as recent colonoscopy and prostate exam.

However, treatment for homocysteine does not seem to reduce that risk.You first need to make sure your homocysteine was measured while fasting because false positive results may happen after a meal.Therefore, he or she should let all of his or her physicians know that he or she has had blood clots in the past and he or she should take appropriate precautions if he or she has surgery, takes a long trip, or is immobilized.

There are many acquired causes of blood clots including extended travel, trauma, immobilization or surgery.If your filter was placed in 2005, it is likely a permanent filter, so it could not be removed.It is true that the lupus anticoagulant sometimes makes the INR results inaccurate in some portable devices.I agree with seeing another specialist to clarify these issues.

There was approximately a 20% risk for lower extremity clot due to presence of filter.Put on Coumadin for six months, after two weeks off Coumadin I felt dizzy went to emergency and cat scan showed four really small clots, two in each lung.How big is the risk of getting another clot if I stop taking Warfarin.

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It is true that the new oral anticoagulants have no food - food interactions.

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DebNsatx: What is the longest documented case that a person has been on Coumadin and is it true that the risks of increased spontaneous bleeding goes up with age while on this medication.Thalassemia anemia DebraK: My mother who is 79 has Thalassemia anemia with a high white count of 28,000.

There are some retrievable filters from that time, and on occasion even though it has been nine years - it may still be able to be removed.We then stop the parenteral anticoagulant one - two days before the colonoscopy depending on what agent you are on.

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If anyone could explain at a minimum the dizziness (especially at night and when bending over, sometimes looking up, etc.). Recent echo showed right side in upper normal limits.

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I agree with your concern, and suggest that your mother consult with a different Hematologist for a second opinion.

Plan a virtual visit with a provider through your PC or mobile device.

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Since that time I found I have Factor V Leiden homozygous gene mutation.

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Thrombophilia Ingrid52: My little nephew was diagnosed with Inherited Thrombophilia Vein Thrombosis.Our award-winning blog brings you insights on health, nutrition and wellness from experts you can trust.I am wondering if stent is the best option - or bypass surgery - or medicated stent or bare metal again.

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In your case, given the fact that your pulmonary embolism was life threatening, I would agree with your doctors and keep you on anticoagulation indefinitely.

Find phone numbers and email addresses for Cleveland Clinic Online Services.Lupus Anticoagulant DebNsatx: Thank you Doctors for doing this web chat.If the blood clot was in your left leg, I would ask the doctor whether or not you have a condition called May Thurner Syndrome.Factor V Leiden JimH: I am a 55 year old male with Factor V from one parent.